Make Your Own Perfume  

Make Your Own Perfume  

Making Perfume is often described as an Art and it is something hobbyists do because they thoroughly enjoy the process of choosing the different ingredients, selecting the Oils and experimenting with which ones work the best together. There is certainly a science of sorts to making Perfume because you can’t just throw anything   sentosa team building    into a glass bottle and hope for the best. Many who make Perfume describe choosing the Oils and aromas they want to combine to make the Perfume the most enjoyable part, this is the part that is very much described as the art of Perfume making.

If you want to make your own Perfume just for pleasure or if you want to set up your own Perfume Business, there are steps you will need to follow and ingredients you will need to source. Shopping at markets is a great place to start and enables you to get the ingredients at a really good price making each Jar of Perfume cheaper to make. Don’t be afraid to research and get the best prices you can, eventually you will find the suppliers that are best for you and the ones that will stock the Oils that prefer to use.

There are some great websites on the internet that give you information on places to source the ingredients and many of them will provide step by step guides on how to make the Perfume but apart from making sure you follow certain steps to ensure the Perfume is created properly, the rest such as the Oils you use is up to you and many that make and sell Perfume often say they can smell the Perfume before they have even chosen the Oils, they know what aromas they want to create and will test various Oils until they find the ones that work best together.

Always use clean jars and bottles, new if possible when making Perfume, any smells or aromas that omit from used containers will transfer to the Perfume over time. The first Oil you will need is what we call the Carrier Oil, popular Carrier Oils used are Jojoba, Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. Carrier Oils are almost always unscented and are what help carry the aroma of the Perfume onto your skin. The Carrier Oil will help to dilute the other concentrated Oils in order to stop any irritation on the skin.

There are a few options when selecting what to use for your Perfume scent, for many Essential Oils are the main ingredient but you can use Petals, Leaves and other Plant material. If you do use the latter, it will take more labor time to produce your perfume but many like this method as it can be more creative and gives you more scope on the materials you use.

We are going to concentrate on using Essential Oils. When you have chosen your Carrier Oils, you will need to decide on the Essential Oils which are basically the scent of your Perfume and where the creative side of Perfume making starts. There are so many Essential Oils to choose from and combining them is a matter of choice depending on whether you want to create a fruity or sweet scent. It is essential to experiment and use a few drops of each Oil to test the scents created and get a feel for the ones you like the best. The quantity of Essential Oils is around 30 drops and these will need to be subdivided into what we call Notes. There are the base Notes which you add first, then the middle notes and finally the top notes. The ratio that you need to use is 20% base, 50% middle and 30% top notes. The next ingredient to source is the alcohol which should be 190 proof, many use neat vodka which is ideal for perfume making.

The ingredients work out at a ratio of 2tbs of carrier oil, 6tbs alcohol, 2.5 tbsp water (bottled) 30 drops essential oils, 2 glass container, coffee filter and funnel. Add the carrier Oil to a clean glass container followed by the Essential Oils using the right amount for each note, always use less of the stronger Essential Oils as these will mask the lighter scents and stop their aroma from coming through. Add the Alcohol and cover the mixture with a lid and leave for 48 hours.


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